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Relieve Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Invasive
Procedures With Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS & PRO
From Senergy Medical Group

The Tennant Biomodulators® are revolutionary, portable, neurostimulation devices designed to treat patients from all walks of life suffering from all types of conditions. The Tennant Biomodulator® devices, developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, contain unique frequencies to produce microcurrent, electrical impulses that are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention.

Dr. Tennant’s priority frequencies are designed help patients improve circulation, increase nerve stimulation and promote faster injury recovery, as well as reduce pain naturally by increasing body voltage with gentle, non-invasive, integrative treatments. These treatments help a wide range of user groups and related conditions which include: sports injuries, combat recovery, medical procedures and syndromes, senior and family ailments, pain-free dental procedures and non-invasive face lift treatments. In addition, the Tennant Biomodulator® can safely reduce pain and inflammation in small and large animals.

Conditions Treated




Sports Injuries

Strained or Pulled Muscles
Heel Spurs
Plantar Fasciitis
Shin Splints
Tennis Elbow




Combat Recovery

Phantom Limb
Elite Athletic Injuries





Medical Procedures

Carpal Tunnel
Repetitive strain Injuries
Scar Tissue Build Up






Senior Health

Muscle or Ligament Injury
Diabetic Neuropathy





Family Health

Wound Care
Strained or Pulled Muscles







Dental Procedures

Pre & Post Surgery Relaxation
Outer Facial Jaw Massage
Cranial Sacral






Skin Appears Tighter & Uplifted
Promotes Natural Collagen
Therapeutic Facial Massage








Animal Health

Relieves Pain
Improves Blood Circulation
Accelerates Wound Healing
Reduces Stress




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